Some of the Best Ways to Be a Better Woman

It can be so easily overlooked the many different ways that women can support other women, and just as important, themselves. Now more than ever it’s inspiring to see women coming together and all the amazing doors that doing so opens. Take some time this month celebrating Women’s History Month, and every month to support the ladies in your life.

Is she the only female in a STEM, male-dominated career? Don’t bring her, or yourself, down by popping off and saying that she slept her way to the top. Clap for her and cheer her on, as others should for you when you’re out there killing it too.

Don’t shame you sister for rocking a brave outfit choice. Let her express herself and take chances to show off what makes her feel at her best. The world is judgemental as it is, so take it as a moment to applaud some genuine, raw, confidence, or channel that confidence and do just the same.

Don’t underestimate yourself. We all to often see potential in others before ourselves. Take that ability to see others strengths and look in the mirror. If that seems to difficult for you, lean on your closest girlfriends to tell you all the amazing things they see in you, even when you can’t see it for yourself, yet.  

Stop comparing yourself to other women. Spending too much time scrolling through Instagram at other women’s highlight reels? Most people don’t post their bad days. We all have our own journey and goals, but if your goals are in line with what someone is sharing with the world, take it as an invitation to talk to her how she reached those goals to plan out your own journey. We all too often look to others with jealousy instead of as a source of shared interests.

Chances are you take care of everyone else before yourself. You shouldn’t feel guilty for taking care of the most important woman in your life, you. Women empowering women is wonderful, but no one can pour from an empty cup. So take some regular time for yourself to be at your best. You’ll thank you later.

What are some other ways that you support the women in your life, or better yet, amazing ways that they have supported you?


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