What Vegas Locals Want You to Know

Living in a tourism-driven town Vegas locals become accustomed to the script like common questions or statements you receive from visitors after they declare with both excitement and confusion “You live here? But, I mean, where are you from?”. So I thought it may be fun to address those common questions and sprinkle in a few tips during a visit to the valley.

It’s “Nev-AD-a”, not “Nev-AH-da”. You can butcher any other street, restaurant or club name, but you will be aggressively corrected if you mispronounce our state name.

The Strip is a little over four miles with a lot of fun distracting things along the way pulling you in any which direction (I mean who hasn’t gotten lost in Caesars or MGM at least once?). So if you’re planning on walking The Strip, ditch the stilettos and choose something you can pound the pavement with.

What happens in Vegas, does not stay in Vegas. It will probably live on Instagram or Youtube.

No, we don’t all work in casinos. Granted yes, many of us do with MGM Corporation being the top employer not just in the valley, but the state.

We do not live in casinos. Room service at my fingertips would be terribly dangerous for my waistline and my wallet.

Get off The Strip for at least one day during your visit. Whether it’s visiting beautiful Red Rock or checking out a few local favorite restaurants or bars, you’ll be happy to ditch The Strip prices, we promise.

In the summer, unless you’re coming from Arizona, you will notice, and constantly vocalize, how hot it is. We know it’s hot here, but we don’t have to deal with harsh winters, so there’s that. There is no secret to keeping cool, outside of staying inside, drinking a lot of water, wearing copious amounts of sunscreen.

Is your destination a little farther than you envisioned it would be?  Be sure to opt for rideshare over a taxi. With paid parking taking off in Vegas, even if you have a vehicle, it may be cheaper than paying for parking if you’re on The Strip, even if you are a hotel guest.

Do you have any questions or notions about Vegas that you would like addressed? Please comment below, I’d love to hear them!



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