Redhead woman sits with her arms spread wide and back to the camera on a deserted paved road leading up to the Nevada mountains.


Hello there! I’m Ashleigh, the voice behind Ashleigh Renay.

Ashleigh Renay was born out of the desire to recapture my passion for writing outside of the constraints of my 9 to 5 life. An outlet to spark conversation about a few of my favorite things including my city as a native to the neon valley of Las Vegas, Nevada, exploring new destinations beyond that city and my hobby turned passion in the pursuit of financial freedom.

My uniquely spelt name paired with signature red locks have been my identifiers for as long as I can remember, which made Ashleigh Renay the perfect namesake for my little slice of the Internet.

I aim for Ashleigh Renay to be a reflection of what inspires me and fills my days, I hope that you find it inspiring as well.

I live the agency life by day, exercising my diverse experience beneath the communications umbrella. I’ve always gravitated towards marketing before I even knew it was a field I could work in, thinking up my own little slogans, strategies and jingles for almost anything as a child. I particularly love the way this field is constantly growing and evolving, keeping me on my toes and presenting me with new challenges.  

Few things bring me as much joy as spending time with my two rescue mutts. I love seeing them light up over the simplest joys in life, it is so refreshing in our oh so busy world.

Another source of joy in my life is through dance. When I was young I spent most of my waking hours in a dance studio, I never broke the habit or lost the feeling that it brought me, even taking on dance as my minor at university. Nowadays I get my fill in the form of line dancing and two-stepping with my friends in Vegas’ amazing country music community.

I love a good night in. From games to consoles, I’m the proud owner of (almost) all things Nintendo has offered since 1985. My favorite, hands down, is the N64 version of Super Smash Bros. Best paired with a glass of wine and good friends ready to get their booties whooped!

My intent is that Ashleigh Renay gives you a glimpse into my life as it evolves and provides you with inspiration for your everyday life so that we may learn, laugh and grow together.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to learn a bit more about me.

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