Hey there, I’m Ashleigh, the voice behind Ashleigh Renay, a lifestyle blog talking travel and life’s everyday trials, and tribulations. I created Ashleigh Renay as a way to share an everyday girl’s journey through life, sharing the things I love, experiences and everything this crazy life has to throw at me, which I’m sure we all can agree, feels like a lot at any given time. But what’s a destination without the journey? 

I’m a native of Southern Nevada, with cities that are very much what you make them. Personally, I’ve very much made it home, living in the desert that is Sin City all of my life, except for a short stint on Guam.

When I’m not pouring my thoughts onto a keyboard I can be found chasing my other passion in the form of spinning along on a dance floor or trying to find a way to get myself around a pile of dogs. Including my own sweet mutt, Holly Boone, who plays a huge role in my life, only fueling my lifelong love of dogs and other animals.

I’m an avid believer in the powers of great conversation and a good cup of coffee.

I have a deep seeded love for travel and always have a “next trip” being pieced together in my mind (currently Scottsdale and Chicago!). I suppose that’s the struggle with the wanderlust of a gypsy, combined with a relentless worth ethic that keeps me going non-stop.

Speaking of, during the day I work in the marketing communications field. A field I love, that keeps me on my toes with new challenges as it is constantly growing and changing.

I’m an introvert by nature, but with extrovert tendencies that loves meeting new wonderful people, so please be sure and say hello!  

So please browse around, ask questions and let’s get to know each other.

Oh, and how do you take your coffee?


Want to know more?  Find me at info@ashleighrenay.com.