Two white cups overfilled with blueberries.

365 Days of Tone It Up

One year ago today, I became part of the Tone It Up Community on what could best be described as a whim. When I started Tone It Up, I honestly didn’t have anything to lose. I was unhappy with where I was with my health, which mirrored how I was honestly feeling in life as …

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A woman touches a laptop in black ripped jeans.

2017: A Year in Reflection

The ending of a year calls for taking a moment to stop and acknowledge all of the in-between that filled the past 365 days. Undoubtedly 2017 was a year of change in so many aspects of my life. While 2017 has personally held the most heart-shattering moments, I would choose to remember it more so …

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A branch from an evergreen lays on a white background with white and silver Christmas ornaments.

Holiday Spirit in Five Steps or Less

I can’t think of a single being that would describe me as a holiday-loving girl. Once Halloween is over I silently check out until we’re ringing in the new year, I love fresh new beginnings. Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday of all, and Christmas has always been a quiet affair. I don’t really have …

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The "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign in front of the Mandalay Bay.

We are Vegas Strong

Last Sunday evening I was awakened by a phone call from my brother in a sheer panic demanding to know if I was at the annual Route 91 concert. A fair question as I frequent country concerts and this time last year would have been on the west side of the stage singing the words …

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