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Valentine’s Day Fun, Regardless of Relationship Status

It takes a short trip to any store to see the aisles and windows decked out in hearts and crepe paper to know that Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching. While traditions can be fun, sometimes mixing up the expected can be a much needed fresh approach whether you’re out on a date or hanging out with your closest ladies this Valentine’s Day.

Picnic with the Planes
Pack a meal or grab take-out from your favorite spot and head off to watch the planes take off and touchdown. My favorite spot in Las Vegas is just off of Sunset and Eastern. It could be the perfect inspiration to plan out your next big trip or quick weekend getaway.

Get Crafty
Make it a night by busting out the brushes to host your own paint and wine night. It’s always a good time seeing everyone’s interpretation of the chosen painting to emulate. If that’s not your thing, have fun with a Pinterest craft that’s been on the back burner. Pick something off the wall and see if it’s a Pin-Win or a complete Pinterest fail.

Mingling at the Museum
How many times have you explored your local museums? Going on an adventure to somewhere new whether it be art, history or anything in between without leaving the city limits. Grabbing food and getting lost while learning something new can be a fun way to put you out of your comfort zone.

Trails and Clinks
Feeling more like getting out than going out? Head for the hills and take a hike or try your hand at mountain biking. Make it that much sweeter by adding a celebratory cheers of your choice when you reach your destination.

Remember that love can be celebrated in many ways, forms, and with relationships that aren’t romantic. I’ve always found it so odd for the English language to have one word to describe a variety of relationships from your significant other, to your best friend or your mother.

What are some unique ideas that you’re putting to the test this year?


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    1. That sounds so wonderful! Honestly, at the end of the day, it’s who you spend the time with, not what you’re doing during that time. If you’re with the right person it will always be the best adventure.

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