Delicate Arch in Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.

Making It to Moab, Utah -This is the Place

There’s nothing quite like spending time with like-minded women to completely inspire and motivate you. Venturing out to Moab, Utah for a quick weekend did just that, not to mention the breathtaking views that accompanied.

Complete emphasis on venture. The eight hour drive to Moab from Las Vegas was out of the question so we had the task of finding a tad round-about way of making it to our home for the weekend, starting with an early morning frugal flight to Grand Junction, Colorado before an amazing stranger turned friend, and fellow retreat attendee, was wonderful enough to give us a ride to our shared destination through a scenic, cell phone reception free, drive along the Colorado River with a bonus quick mini hike in Arches National Park to peek at the Delicate Arch we would be visiting the following morning.

Once we made it to our destination the festivities kicked off with Yoga by Lesly, perfect after the journey to get there and to set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

We happened to be visiting Arches National Park on National Public Lands Day accidentally taking advantage of the waived entrance fee. The following morning we tackled the trek to Delicate Arch, a fairly short hike the delivered us to the surprising large Delicate Arch painted with the red of the desert. Simply bea-Utah-ful. 

The remainder of the weekend was filled with quality time alongside good people, good conversation, equally as amazing wine and random walks through Moab, complete with deer sightings and some amazing swag bags. Yes, plural.

In the mix of things, we learned that we did not have a ride returning to Grand Junction for our originally booked flight, which we later found out, only flew out on Mondays. We had absolutely no desire to spend a night in the airport for an evening. One of the downsides to budget travel I suppose.

Fortunately, we were able to hitch a ride with some generous ladies at the retreat to Salt Lake City to catch a Frontier flight that evening. Frontier provides some amazing vouchers, granted I earned mine from a very delayed flight out of Chicago, that covered the entire cost of the flight making it so I only had to cover the cost of my carry on.

Three states in three days later, it was a joy to get outdoors and spend time with such genuine women at the annual Tone It Up Utah Retreat.

Would you ever venture across state lines with someone you just met?


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