Life Lessons from the Gilmore Girls

Rory, Lorelai and all of the citizens of Stars Hollow have been a staple in my life, and so many others throughout the years, it’s no surprise that you pick up a thing or two from our favorite ladies lifestyles, other than an aspirational caffeine addiction. I thought I’d take the time to reflect on a few things I’ve learned from Rory and Lorelai, our Gilmore Girls, throughout the years.

  • We can’t choose our family, but we can certainly make our own family. As the saying goes, it takes a village, and that village for Rory and Lorelai was Stars Hollow, that became their family or “framily”. I’m lucky enough to have a framily of my own, and thoroughly appreciate them, because they choose to be in my life, not because of blood, but 100 percent love.
  • Always take time for coffee. I mean this both figuratively and literally. Literally, I love coffee and don’t function well without it at times. Figuratively, take that time for something you love each day, sometimes many times within a twenty four hour period. At least you’ll have one thing you enjoy, even if the rest of the day is complete crap.
  • Eat the food. I’m not saying to the point of ending up on a show titled along the lines of “My 700 Pound Life” but live, indulge in that cupcake whether it be for sadness or celebration. Order take out every once and awhile and binge out. Enjoy something now and again that may not be good for you. Get crazy and then get back to your routine.
  • Go for what you want in life and never apologize for it. Lorelai and Sookie bringing the Dragonfly Inn to life, Rory’s passion as a writer, Emily’s…DAR meetings. They relentlessly go after their dreams. They may encounter challenges along the way, but always stay steadfast to their goals and aspirations.
  • Take risks. Jump with the damn umbrella, it’s a rush. Don’t be so timid to the point that life’s adventures pass you by and you find yourself missing out on the very essence of what makes it all worth living. In Omnia Paratus.
  • Be unapologetically you. One thing you can’t deny is the Gilmore Girls are indisputably themselves through and through, and that’s why millions of fans, and the mythical civilians of Stars Hollow love them. Be yourself and you will find your tribe.

What have you learned from the Gilmore Girls or the citizens of Stars Hollow?

Written by ashleighrenay

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