A branch from an evergreen lays on a white background with white and silver Christmas ornaments.

Holiday Spirit in Five Steps or Less

I can’t think of a single being that would describe me as a holiday-loving girl. Once Halloween is over I silently check out until we’re ringing in the new year, I love fresh new beginnings. Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday of all, and Christmas has always been a quiet affair. I don’t really have any traditions, parties or festivities that other people often talk about. The season just doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies everyone else seems to be catching like the common cold.

But to be frank, life, in general, has been quite heavy lately. The entire valley is still in mourning, there is an ever so slight somber air that wafts about the city, and will be for a while as everyone heals in their own time. This year has been a doozy, and now I think is a good time as ever to make an attempt to catch this holiday spirit everyone raves about and find some joy in midst of everything.  

That being said, and myself being a type A, lister, I have devised what I believe to be the steps to uncovering this Christmas spirit everyone catches this time of year.

Step 1:
Get a Christmas tree for the house. I don’t have a real tree, just a dinky table top one that has been crushed in the past couple moves and quite frankly needs to be laid to rest. In conjunction, I will also need a tree topper, skirt and ornaments as well. Is that everything needed for in-home Christmas spirit? Michael’s here I come.

Step 2:
Festive activities. This is the step where I really drop the ball. Looking at the lights? Pretty sure you get the cops called on you for driving slowly looking at houses in neighborhoods you don’t live in every other time of the year. Ice Skating? Pictures with Santa for Holly? Eating.. erm.. baking cookies?

Step 3:
Binge watch Christmas movies with a warm festive drink of choice. Watch out Hallmark channel, I’m looking at you. I’m partial to apple cider and hot toddies. Binge watching bad television shows is already something I’m familiar with, and in all honesty, excel at. This, this I can handle.

Step 4:
Create traditions. I’ve noticed a lot of people have traditions from when they put up their tree, all the way down to what they wear to bed on Christmas Eve. It’s always nice to have something to look forward. I’ll be starting a tradition by setting a date for when I put up my new Christmas tree!

Step 5:
Enjoy it. This is all for not if there is no joy in the process and it becomes robotic knee-jerk reaction in preparation for a single date.

I’m looking forward to this season and all it has in store as I kick off my own traditions and Christmas spirit in my new home. What traditions or activities get you into the holiday spirit? 


Written by ashleighrenay


  1. I absolutely love Christmas and decorating the house, forking out for a tree is hard though especially as I still visit my parents usually during the holidays so it seems like a waste

  2. I adore Christmas now, but I used to hate it, I think its what you make it. The more special you make it, the more special it will feel. I think the important thing though, is to make it your own and try not to compare it to what anyone else is doing. The decorating is my favourite part and creating the table centrepiece. I hope you have a lovely Christmas! xx

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