Last Minute Hidden Stops for Your Next Vegas Vacation

There is always something new, exciting or downright odd to come across in Vegas. I have a few favorite fun things and hidden stops to seek on your trip that you probably won’t find in your travel guide.  

Depending on what time of year you are visiting, the Welcome to Las Vegas sign changes to different festive colors. You can catch it turn green for St. Patrick’s Day, pink for breast cancer awareness, red for the American Heart Association’s Red Day and an array of rainbow for Pride Week.

Head to the Chandelier Bar in the Cosmopolitan and try the Verbena cocktail, their worst kept secret. Chandelier Bar, decorated to make even Liberace jealous, is quite a popular place to pop in for a drink and people watching. The Verbena cocktail is quite the experience, a tasty drink that is taken to the next level by eating a Szechuan button that tops the drink. The sensation is best described as I would imagine licking white noise would be. Yes, licking white noise. Also, for some, it changes the flavor of the drink altogether.

It’s not so hush hush, but while you’re already in the Cosmo, pop into Secret Pizza just so you can nonchalantly mention that you’ve been there. Your inner hipster will appreciate it.

Take a peek at Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’s head tucked away in the Mandalay Bay. The Russian Communist revolutionary that welcomes you into Red Square had his head lopped off due to controversy, but it didn’t stray too far. Simply peek into the ice vault just to the right of the restaurant to find his noggin in its new frigid home.

Visit the Strip during an Earth Hour. The entire Strip goes dark for 60 minutes in a bone-chillingly eerie motion drawing attention to green initiatives. Speaking of green, it saves the Luxor $51 to have the iconic light beam switched off for a single hour.

If you’re down on Fremont East, be sure to head to Park on Fremont’s back porch and pop behind the fence for an often intoxicated teeter totter ride. Be choosy on your teeter partner, you wouldn’t want to spill your drink.

The list of gems will continue to grow as Vegas is anything but a stagnant city in what it has to offer. What are the lesser known stops that you have on your list?


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