Grabbing Coffee at Luke’s

Something wonderful happened for all of us who have spent endless hours with Lorelai, Rory and the whole gang of Stars Hollow.  Netflix transformed coffee shops around the country into Stars Hollow’s very own Luke’s Diner to celebrate the revival and the Gilmore Girls 16th anniversary.  

Clearly, I was over the moon to have a location in my city, four actually, and was excited to see what fun and nostalgia it had to offer early that morning. I am quite the opposite of what anyone would refer to as a morning person, so that was a pretty rare statement to come from my mouth.

The pop up was supposed to kick off at 7 am, but I arrived around 6:45 am just in case I wasn’t alone in my enthusiasm at this particular location. I got such a silly grin on my face pulling up and walking into Holley’s Cuppa with the large Luke’s Diner sign hanging prominently outside the front door. To my surprise, and a bit of relief, only a handful of people had gathered inside waiting for 7 am to strike and the Luke’s Diner coffee to make its appearance.

In true Gilmore fashion, I grabbed a coffee before my Luke’s coffee because I can’t stop drinking the coffee. I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing and walking. The early arrival allowed me to enjoy some of the little props around the shop before things got a little more chaotic, including the iconic “no cell phones” sign that everyone and their coffee loving mother happily ignored to snap a photo of. The baristas were dressed in Luke’s finest, plaid shirts and baseball caps that read Luke’s across them.

Once 7 am hit, we were able to scoop up our free Gilmore Girls coffees and enjoy the fun quotes from the show, complete with Luke’s Diner sleeves and a Snapchat QR code to have some fun with a matching Snapchat filter for 24 hours. By then, the line was winding through the shop and out the door with fans, some even donning adorable Stars Hollow shirts.  

Holley and her team hustled along with smiles serving all of the Gilmore Girls fans and patrons alike, all in part to receiving an email from Netflix asking if they would be willing to participate, Netflix provided the rest.

As a long time fan, who has watched all of the seasons a few too many times, it was heartwarming being able to partake in Netflix’s fun promotional stunt for our favorite fast-talking mother-daughter duo’s 16th anniversary and the four episode mini-series, “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”, that premiered on November 25.

Maybe next time Founder’s Day punch?


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