Gifts That Keep Giving Past the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s officially that time of the year for celebration, traditions and of course exchanging gifts with your loved ones. This year, how about giving gifts that your loved ones will continue to enjoy into the new year? With longevity and cost efficiency being key, I’ve come up with a little something for all of the lucky ones on your list.

    • Coffee Maker – Brew at home, pair it with some amazing coffee so they never have to take off their slippers to get their day started right. Get crazy and go with a French press for your favorite coffee enthusiast.
      An assortment of coffee as a great gift.
  • Tupperware – I received this last year and use it nearly every single day. It’s perfect for meal prep which has been wonderful for both my health and my wallet. The set I received even came with an awesome hot/cold bag which I love using for road trips.
  • Unique Gift Cards – While the typical movie and restaurants gift cards are always wonderful, try thinking of things that the individuals on your list would really appreciate or use in their everyday life. Did they just purchase a new home? Lowe’s or Home Depot for all those never-ending projects they’re always knee deep in. Are they a student? Hulu or Netflix gift cards are great for binge-watching their favorites on their laptop when they’re not hitting the books of course.  Another winner, gas gift cards. You’re welcome to pay for my gas anytime.
  • Grocery Box Subscription: Give the gift of healthy eating, and potentially a crash course on how to cook. Here’s looking at you little brother. There are a handful of options out there tailored to different dietary needs. Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, you name it. Teaching someone how to nourish their body lasts much longer than any wrapping paper will.Woman holds grocery basket filled with vegetables.
  • Planner: Help them plan out their year and conquer their goals with a Passion Planner. It is an amazing way to put deadlines on your dreams and keep track of the everyday. I’d be lost without mine.

Also, If you’re shopping online, Honey can definitely help you save a little extra as well!

Giving great gifts doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to demonstrate how much you care. Don’t underestimate the value of the gift of time as well. My friends and I opted out of gift giving this year for a night in spending some quality time together, with good wine of course.

What are some cost-efficient and lasting presents that you gift your friends and family?


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