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Are You Guilty of Believing These Myths About Shelter Dogs?

Nothing breaks my heart quite as much as a dog being dropped off at a shelter. It’s like a commercial with Sarah McLachlan singing on loop in my head.  Shelters are so crowded, filled with little hearts that trusted their owners but “grew up to be too big”, “isn’t trained” …or something along those lines. It crushes me. With this being said, I’d like to address some myths that surround shelter animals and why we should adopt, not shop.

    • I can’t rescue a dog because I’m looking for a specific breed or purebred.
      No breed is immune to ending up in a shelter. Also, many shelters have waiting lists that alert you if the specific breed you are looking for does turn up. But before you even commit to a breed, make sure they match with your lifestyle so you don’t end up being that person that irresponsibly adopts a dog and then ends up bringing it back to the shelter when things simply don’t work to compliment your living situation.
    • I want a puppy and all they have is older dogs, and they’re just too old to be loyal.
      Dogs of all ages can be found in shelters. Yes, there are older dogs as well, but some prospective owners aren’t equipped to handle the ball of energy, and sometimes destruction, that comes with having a puppy. It may be nice to have a dog that is already potty trained and just ready to be loved.  Loyalty knows no age limit, and more often than not they’re just so eternally grateful to be out of the shelter and headed to a home to be loved.
    • Adoption fees are expensive, I’d rather just find a free dog.
      There is absolutely no such thing as a free dog. Even if you manage to rescue a pup without paying an adoption fee, you have shots, chipping, spay/neutering, food, kennel… you get the picture. While the price is subjective on the adoption fee, if you do not have the means to take care of a pet, it’s not fair to them, especially if it means they end up back at the shelter. Dogs are a lifelong investment.
    • Shelter pets just aren’t as clean as a pet store animals.
      Quite the contrary. Entirely too many of these pet stores use puppy mills to supply them with their animals. Where animals are crowded in unsanitary conditions without proper care and treated inhumanely. These establishments care about the amount of profit that can make from these sweet animals, they’re merely a product that they need to produce in high numbers. I highly suggest you research a location beforehand.
    • Those dogs are in a shelter because something is wrong with them, they’re trouble.
      More than likely it was their previous owner, not them, that lead them to a shelter. The only thing wrong with shelter animals is that they lack a loving home, and in many cases only have a short time to find one. 

As you can tell, dogs take up a huge part of my heart. I was raised in a fashion that a house isn’t a home without four paws in it, and those four paws are family. This sentiment never left me and I’m actively searching for ways to help these wet noses.

What do you wish someone knew about animal shelters or the animals?

Please share your pet photos in the comments! Who doesn’t love pictures of cute animals?

Here are two rescues I love very much, including my own Holly Boone on the left.


Written by ashleighrenay


  1. Love this! Both my babies are rescues – one from
    an irresponsible backyard breeder who “donated” (apparently her words) her last two pups of a litter to a shelter. The other was born in a puppy mill and endured a horrific first 6 months until a rescue group saved him from a horrible fate at a dog auction — needless to say, it’s a cause near and dear to my heart too!

    1. Oh my goodness! I’m so happy to hear that your babies have such a loving home now! So good to know I’m not alone in being passionate about this cause. Thank you for sharing your story, so glad there was a happy ending for you and the furbabies. <3

  2. your dogs is absolutely beautiful, both of them are! I loved reading this it is good to try to get rid of all the negativeness of adopting a dog from a shelter because it is soooo important that people realise it is such a lovely idea and how much it means to the doggies xx

    1. Thank you, love the fur babies! I definitely feel like there is a stigma that needs to be lifted, not to mention seeing the joy in those eyes is worth everything. Thanks for stopping by Sharnah!


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