Two brown eyed dogs in bandanas in front of rural plants.

Celebrating America with A Dog Friendly Fourth

The fourth of July is just around the corner, a time for delicious food, fireworks, celebration and roughly every single dog in America to have a panic attack simultaneously.

While this may be a Fourth for firsts, the first time celebrating in my new home and the first time celebrating with our newest furry family member, Hazel, this will also mark my third annual dog-friendly Independence Day get together.

Originally inspired by my three-year-old boonie dog, Holly, when I was trying to find the best solution to keep her as calm as possible and still be able to celebrate the holiday with fellow dog-loving friends and family members.

Typically those in attendance bring food to share and maybe a game to play in lieu of taking to the streets, or casino parking garages here in Vegas, to watch the fireworks being equivalent to walking onto a battlefield for most pups.

The extra love and attention from guests, of course, this usually goes hand in hand with extra treats, serves as a great distraction from all the booms and screeching going on outside. Plus, the girls always love when they have fellow four-legged and two-legged friends to play with. Seriously, there is no off switch when it comes to playtime for energetic Hazel.

As a holiday treat, I love having something special set aside for the fur babes like peanut butter ice cream or something that will keep them busy chewing for a while. 

No matter how you celebrate, be sure you are prepared before by double checking that your pet’s microchip is up to date, they are wearing their tags with accurate contact information and you’ve ordered any necessary anxiety meds from your vet.

A Thundershirt is another option that many pet owners swear by, unfortunately, it didn’t work for Holly and she only became annoyed that I put her in a shirt on top of her being anxious, so it’s always good to try and know what works best for your pup.

So while you’re planning out your festivities be sure to keep your whole family in mind.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July! How are you celebrating?


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