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2017: A Year in Reflection

The ending of a year calls for taking a moment to stop and acknowledge all of the in-between that filled the past 365 days. Undoubtedly 2017 was a year of change in so many aspects of my life. While 2017 has personally held the most heart-shattering moments, I would choose to remember it more so …

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A branch from an evergreen lays on a white background with white and silver Christmas ornaments.

Holiday Spirit in Five Steps or Less

I can’t think of a single being that would describe me as a holiday-loving girl. Once Halloween is over I silently check out until we’re ringing in the new year, I love fresh new beginnings. Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday of all, and Christmas has always been a quiet affair. I don’t really have …

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Grabbing Coffee at Luke’s

Something wonderful happened for all of us who have spent endless hours with Lorelai, Rory and the whole gang of Stars Hollow.  Netflix transformed coffee shops around the country into Stars Hollow’s very own Luke’s Diner to celebrate the revival and the Gilmore Girls 16th anniversary.   Clearly, I was over the moon to have …

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Growing Up in the Home of a Gearhead

It took me steadily humming down the freeway, actively clearing my mind by letting it wander freely, and with much relief, to stumble upon why I find so much comfort in spinning wheels. Some of my first and strongest memories from my childhood is the smell of my father’s two-stroke 250R three-wheeler, and the scream it …

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Life Lessons from the Gilmore Girls

Rory, Lorelai and all of the citizens of Stars Hollow have been a staple in my life, and so many others throughout the years, it’s no surprise that you pick up a thing or two from our favorite ladies lifestyles, other than an aspirational caffeine addiction. I thought I’d take the time to reflect on …

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Adulting and Other Terrible, Awful, No Good Words

For a generation who has coined the term adulting for any situation fueled by responsibility, the road to properly execute yourself as a functioning adult, successfully navigating yourself in society can read as easily as hieroglyphics that we are all taking our best stab at to decipher. Through highs and lows, a quarter-life crisis and …

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