The Top Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Engagement On Social Media

Engagement is universally a huge component when it comes to keeping on top of ever-changing algorithms on a number of social media platforms. If you are not seeing the engagement you’re looking for on your posts there are a couple of questions you can ask yourself to answer the ultimate nagging question, “Why am I not seeing quality engagement on my content?”

Did you provide a CTA? Invite your followers to be part of the conversation and keep the social in social media. It can as simple as asking a question that could get the conversation started and have the added bonus of helping you learn more about your audience.

Speaking about audiences, are you speaking to your audience? You wouldn’t try to sell your beef jerky at a vegan restaurant because you know who your audience is, or at least in this example who your audience isn’t, you know the odds that you would find your audience there is slim to none. Always keep this in mind before you post and tailor your content, copy, and platform accordingly.

Are you utilizing your 2,200 characters to their full potential? If we’re talking Instagram that is. Perhaps your caption is too vague. If you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, try writing a longer caption. Don’t think you can be that clever and detailed on the go? Scheduling tools can be your best friend, and you can include your audience in on the whole story.

Did you tag anyone in your post or story? Share the love. Go ahead and tag the people in the photo or the location that you’re sharing from. It’s like sending out an invitation to your very own engagement party, and everyone is welcome! Afraid of ruining the aesthetic of your post with all those account mentions and hashtags? There are plenty of ways around taking away from the look of that perfect post.

Answering these questions is a great start to help you begin growing your engagement quickly. What is something that has helped you earn quality engagement that you would recommend?

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