How to Make a Keepsake Paw Print with Your Favorite Four Legged

We all have pins and pins saved on Pinterest just waiting to make it to the light of day and actually be put to the test. So I took on the challenge and busted out the tarp, paint and card stock, proceeded to pray it wouldn’t be a complete disaster, and got down to some DIYing with Holly as we were about to make some artwork with her Frito toes.

I’d like to preface by saying I have the most tolerant dog of all time. She basically puts up with all my shenanigans, this included, which is 100 percent why this went so smoothly. Even with a furry friend over, she wasn’t distracted, so hats off to my girl.

I started by laying out a tarp in the backyard and setting out the paint, practice paper, puppy wipes to avoid any painty-paws anywhere outside of our canvas and the dog pool on standby for a quick wash.

Once we were ready to go, I called Holly over to the tarp and asked for her paw and proceeded to paint just the paw pads with a small brush. Then I placed her paw on the practice paper, rolling it slightly to make sure we got the outside edges as well. After a couple trial paw prints, mostly to find out the right amount of paint to put on her pads for ideal paw print, we were ready for the final one.

Patient Holly let me repeat the paw painting and pressing process for a perfect final print on the thicker card stock. This was quickly followed by some paw cleaning with our puppy wipes and a little scrubbing in the dog pool. Also, we snuck in a treat or two for being so patient while mom messed with her toes, I’m far from above bribery in the form of treats.

Then we waited just a bit for it to dry so I could write her name on it and then finally frame it. Please note that “waiting for it to dry” is also code for playtime around here.

Once the final paw print was dry, I went ahead and cut it to size, 4″x 6″ in this case, added her name and placed it inside a frame where it will live happily on my desk.

It was a very fun evening spent with Holly with the bonus of a cute memento I will
always have to treasure. Three cheers for not being a Pinterest-fail!

How do you like to spend time with your furbabies?


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