Adulting and Other Terrible, Awful, No Good Words

For a generation who has coined the term adulting for any situation fueled by responsibility, the road to properly execute yourself as a functioning adult, successfully navigating yourself in society can read as easily as hieroglyphics that we are all taking our best stab at to decipher. Through highs and lows, a quarter-life crisis and general trial and error, I’ve collected some of best advice I’ve received and also my own experience when navigating the waters most commonly referred to as adulting.

Travel as often as you can. There’s a huge, crazy, amazing world out there. Exploring it for yourself can teach you more than any black and white text on a book, or a screen could ever do justice. Cameras may be amazing, but they can’t capture the feeling you get witnessing some of the world’s wonders with your naked eyes. Experience different cultures, different societies and different mindsets. If you’re lucky, you’ll learn and begin to understand so much about the world we live in, and even more about yourself.

Maintain Balance
To keep balance in your life, and quite frankly your sanity, always do three things for yourself something that will make you money, something to maintain your physical health and something for your mental health. Maintaining a balance between the three points of that triangle is your sweet spot. Of course, at times things will shift and you will lean heavily on one or the other, but always strive to juggle all three to keep sane down the road. Personally, my triangle is made up of my career pursuits for monetary, dancing and Tone It Up for my physical health and writing as my passion for my mental health -equal parts blended for a nice cocktail of my overall well being. Easier said than done, but being able to recognize what makes you happy and keeps you sane is half the battle, and worth the challenge.

Invest in Yourself
We’ve all been there, living the dream on the ramen noodle diet and making some odd sacrifices to save a buck or two. But in all honesty, you’ll end up spending more by constantly having to repurchase cheap necessities, instead invest in a few staple items that will grow with you and be worth their cost per use. Some staple items to invest in? Wardrobe pieces that are versatile, classic, and interview worthy. You can’t go wrong with classic neutrals or a timeless trench coat that looks like it was taken straight from Audrey Hepburn’s closet.

Reliable transportation. There is a price for peace of mind, and it is worth every single dime. It’s hard to do much in life when you can’t even count on getting from point A to point B successfully. Reliable transportation is a direct reflection on your reliability, which can translate into affecting your success in your workplace, passions and relationships.

Keep Learning
The world is changing faster than ever thanks largely in part to technology, and with these changes come more to learn and more to know – which can change in the blink of an eye. Never be complacent, adapt, grow and embrace the changing world. Take classes, network, read to stay in step with an ever-changing world so that you don’t get left behind and your skills do not become irrelevant to the times.

You are going to fail, a lot. Especially if you’re trying. It’s part of the process. But how you handle it is what defines you as a person. How you recover from the failure and if you learn from the failure. Use your failures as learning experiences and building blocks to do better next time, creating the foundation for your future success makes all the difference. Never let your struggle define you.

The gist of it is, everyone is simply doing their best, faking it until they make it. But sharing their experiences and helping each other is a great way to make the most of this crazy life.

What is the best advice you’ve received, or have, for a generation new to adulting?


Written by ashleighrenay