Hey there, I’m Ashleigh,

Most days you can find me behind my laptop researching, reading, and typing away, completely captivated by my latest project with my red hair in a knot on top of my head.

I love serving the world by taking the mystery and stress out of marketing to help grow businesses.

The things I am most passionate about in life is connecting with entrepreneurial-minded individuals and spending quality time with my family, friends, and fur babes.

I work with people who are looking to cultivate their business or just need a little help getting started. I am lucky to be able to show them how to harness social media and other forms of marketing to spread their reach and get the word out about their developing business.

I’ve been recognized for my work in social media by the Public Relations Society of America with a Crisis Communications Award of Excellence and PR News as a Social Media Awards honoree.

When I’m not busy working you can catch me spending time with my dogs or packing my carry on for my latest adventure.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.

  • I’m a member of the exclusive club of Las Vegas natives, we’re few and far between.
  • I was lucky enough to call Guam home for a short time.
  • Both of my dogs are lovable rescue mutts.
  • I make a dangerously delicious whiskey smash.
  • I first learned to drive a stick shift at the ripe age of seven.

Still here? Let’s connect!