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A Month’s Worth of Keeping the Change

If there was one word to describe life lately it would undoubtedly be “change”. In the past month my living situation has changed, I nailed myself a new job, I bit the bullet and upgraded my vehicle and Holly got a new puppy sister, just to name a few on the highlight reel.  Like I said, ch-ch-ch-ch-change! I guess it’s true what they say when it rains it pours.

Change has never been something that scares me, but I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t a big bundle of anxiety until my new routines are ironed out.  I can be such a creature of habit.  Not to mention, new routines haven’t even had a chance to take place, because on top of all the change, I’m finally putting my feet to the flames and finishing house projects that I’ve been putting off for about six months or so.

All of these changes have lead me to take a backseat and honestly evaluate where I’m at in life, full spectrum. Looking at where I’m at in my relationships, my career, my personal outlook, everything.  Allowing myself to ask where I’d like to be, what changes would I like to see, and do I have the power to make those changes? While at first, this seemed quite overwhelming, taking this time for me has really helped me find a bit of peace and direction.

Backtracking to the most recent highlight reel of changes, my boyfriend is currently in the process of moving in, which is the catalyst for finally finishing a few home improvement projects around the house. All of which is a lot easier with an extra pair of hands, especially ones much handier than mine with some of these things, cough cough, power tools. I’m excited to be able to see his mug every evening and to begin our lives together.

Part of our lives coming together means Holly now has a sweet little sister, Hazel. This little rescue is part husky, part Shiba Inu and all love.  It’s shocking how quickly Holly and Hazel took to each other, which definitely gives peace of mind to the both of us. Watching them play together is quickly becoming one of my favorite past times and favorite form of comic relief.

Has anyone else ever wished they could take the people they have worked with along with them to a new position? Unfortunately, I haven’t’ found a way to Frankenstein that just yet, but I am excited about my opportunity in a new area of the marketing world. I definitely have a case of the new job brain melt as I try to learn everything, which for the moment, results in pure exhaustion at the end of the day. Typical new adventure symptoms. But brain melt aside, I’m excited about this welcome change.

Thankfully change isn’t synonymous with bad, and I’m excited to fall into my rhythm with all that is happening and will be doing my best to try and find balance in the chaos.

What do you find is the easiest way to handle change in your life?


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