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365 Days of Tone It Up

One year ago today, I became part of the Tone It Up Community on what could best be described as a whim. When I started Tone It Up, I honestly didn’t have anything to lose. I was unhappy with where I was with my health, which mirrored how I was honestly feeling in life as well. I found myself popping tums as part of my nightly routine to handle health issues, ignoring what was really going on with my body and my wellness as a whole. So when a friend asked me to join her in a new challenge she was trying, I figured what could I lose?

It turns out I had a lot lose. I lost a lot of self-doubt I had been carrying around, I lost excuses because once I felt what it was like to truly take care of not just my body, but myself and well being as a whole, there wasn’t an excuse good enough to let me fall down that rabbit hole again.

But there were things to be gained as well. I gained confidence in my abilities and stopped telling myself that I couldn’t. I gained the knowledge to fuel my body properly and not feel deprived or have a “diet food” mindset. I gained the confidence to try new things, travel to new places and meet new people, which for an introverted person can be downright terrifying to do. But most importantly, I gained a more positive attitude and outlook on life, because I learned my negativity was just as heavy as anything I was trying to lose.

While I may have started this journey in an attempt to get my health in check, it quickly became so much more that. When I say I joined the Tone It Up community, I truly meant the word community. I am thankful for the positive women I have met, of which I feel lucky I can call friends. It became more than a diet or an exercise program, it was a lifestyle that I didn’t even know I needed, gearing me to live my best life and drive to be the best version of myself. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with the right attitude and the right people by your side.

I’m excited for another year of adventures, all of the food, and meeting wonderful new people on this journey! I hope that you may be inspired to try something out of your comfort zone and perhaps learn something about yourself in the process as well.


Written by ashleighrenay


  1. Congrats, and best of luck in this year’s Bikini Series! Looks like we started TIU on the exact same day last year! The community is the best and most unique part of Tone It Up for sure. ☺️

    1. Best of luck to you too, Hillary! I truly love the community and the amazing people that I’ve met through it. I will have to follow you on Instagram so we can do our second bikini series together!


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