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2017: A Year in Reflection

The ending of a year calls for taking a moment to stop and acknowledge all of the in-between that filled the past 365 days. Undoubtedly 2017 was a year of change in so many aspects of my life. While 2017 has personally held the most heart-shattering moments, I would choose to remember it more so as the year that I took back myself and accomplished many of the goals I had set before me.

Admittedly I came into 2017 depressed, generally unhappy and feeling a bit lost. I had become the least active in my life, stopped writing due to anxiety, I felt I lacked purpose and a cocktail of other things had left me at a low, I felt a shadow myself. I concluded to remedy this through a few new year’s resolutions, which stereotypically included getting healthy, saying yes to new adventures and making strides towards my long-term goal of becoming a homeowner.

While this all sounded wonderful, I hadn’t put too much thought into exactly how I would go about accomplishing these aspirations. In just a few weeks I would fall into Tone It Up after being asked to join in on the Look for Love challenge, quite frankly I didn’t have any reason not to and a silent goal of getting healthy again. But I never realized that it would also help me tackle my goals of taking on new adventures as well. I would find myself where angel’s land in Zion National Park, being yelled at by Jillian Michael’s in unforgiving Arizona heat, meeting some pretty amazing people I feel lucky to call friends, and eating some delicious food in the process.

Joining the Tone It Up community wasn’t the only adventure I said yes to this year. I had the opportunity to run down the streets of New York in heels to my first Broadway play, found out how strong I was in a terrain race, drove a Ferrari at 130 mph, went road tripping from North Dakota through unforgiving snow all the way back to Southern Nevada and took a leap at new career opportunities, just to name a few.

My grand finale was busting my back and finally becoming a homeowner months sooner than I thought would even be possible. A relentless process I hope to not repeat in the near future, but so very thankful for the outcome. 

While this year was a year of change, it was ultimately a year of finding myself again and falling back in love with living life. I’m excited to see what 2018 has in store.

What are your resolutions heading into the new year?


Written by ashleighrenay


  1. Sounds an awesome year from how your 2017 started, what a turnaround! Congrats on becoming a homeowner and all your activities you have been up to sound amazing! Have a fabulous 2018

    Stacey | SimplyStacey.co.uk

  2. You are a rockstar! This makes me smile so much and I’m so proud of the year that you have had. I’m excited to start some new business ideas for myself in the new year and get ready to plan my next big adventure to a destination yet to be determined. Love you and thanks for being an inspiring millenial!

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